Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now into our 12th week!!

Lots of action in the past two days!!

Shower doors installed... (at least in the ensuite.. we couldn't see into the main bathroom), and toilets waiting to be installed.  I know its hard to see, but we had to take all of these pics through the windows again.. We are totally locked out.. we were kind of glad though as there are a lot of 'pretties' in there that people could damage or steal if they were to get in now.. 
One of the 'pretties'... our new oven and rangehood (we think) are sitting in our lounge room, waiting for installation.. maybe tomorrow? 
Wardrobe doors and shelving installed in all bedrooms 
Hot water system installed, and it looks like it is connected to the solar panels. Just need the electric booster hooked up..
Tapware installed in the laundry.. not sure about bathrooms.. Kitchen sink isn't in yet, so no tap there yet. 
and last.. but definately not least.. Our pantry!!  woohoo!! (can you believe we have never had a walk in pantry before.. I might need a compass and a map to find my way out hehehehe)

Also,  the rest of the downpipes were installed, septic system wired up, verandah ceiling was painted, and the front door is taped up ready to be clear stained.


Lot83 said...

Sorry Sha - you'll need to give your pantry a good clean 'cause I've just drooled all over it :D

It's all looking fantastic. Can only imagine how excited you must be!

-Sha said...

hahaha thats ok.. your drool can just blend in with mine ;)
We are terribly excited.. but also nervous.. we have sooooo much packing still to do, and we have to find someone to take over our lease! We signed up til June, as we thought the house wouldnt be finished until atleast then.. Its only been 12 weeks, and we are almost done!! woohoo!!

A-M said...

12 weeks! We have been at it for 12 months! You lucky girl! You must be so excited. It all looks so beautiful. I am impressed with your photos from outside the house!!! We have all our own locks fitted to our main doors and every tradie has a key. I will be replacing all the euro cylinders as soon as we move in! A-M xx

NikJustNik said...

WOW....I can't wait to come and Custom Plan that kitchen....WOW!!!

Cath Ü said...

that pantry is to die for... love it...
cath Ü