Friday, March 6, 2009

What do you think????

We are having a panic attack tonight.. we dont like our shower tiling.. It is exactly as we asked for and the tiler has done a wonderful job.. But it definately sounded better in our heads than it looks in reality! 
What do you think??? The other wall that you cant see is the off white tile.. The corner bath will be the darker tiles with the white feature listello running horizontal around the top, which should tie it all together..  We just feel that the two feature tiles are competing with each other ( the darker tile and the white stripe). 
We are seriously considering pulling them off and the ones off the bath and retiling the moment we get the keys.. I hope we like it more once the grouting is done.. 
We changed the soap holder for a white one (which we 'stole' from the main bathroom), after this pic was taken. This one is meant to be 'ivory' but to us almost looked pink! It certainly didnt go.. We now have to go and buy another one to replace the main bathroom one tomorrow. :/ 
Please give us your honest opinions.. 
(I will put more pics here tomorrow, of the completed ensuite including the bath)
This is the white feature listello. 


The Browns said...

Sha can you show he a bigger pic of it? i have tryed clicking on it but it wont open up.
Hun rember you dont have grout in yet. it looks good to me from what i can see

-Sha said...

Hey Tarin,
I am not sure why some can be opened and others cant..
I dont know how to post it bigger.. :(
I will take more of the whole ensuite tomorrow, which should be all done except the floor and grouting.. Maybe that will help..

Mrs B said...

Hi Sha
You sound so much like me!
I have agonised over every decision I have made, focussed on my colour choices before it is finished properly but what I have learnt by all this is to wait and see the room completed. With your feature tile, you are probably just focussing on that section of the wall without seeing it in context with all your other colour selections. By what I see in the picture (I also cant make the picture bigger) it looks really nice! A lovely white feature strip down the wall in the shower.
Your house is looking fantastic and it wont be long until you move excited you must be feeling!
Mrs B

The Browns said...

OME i know what you talking about when it comes to colours. I have my tile back splash carpet and paints all on the fire place so i can see them . when i saw my bricks they looked totally different on the pallet than once they are up. Im sure your colour choice will be excellent

kexkez said...

The house is looking lovely Sha. All those pretties to look at. Love the white feature tile. That is so lovely.

This stage is even more exciting that watching the bricks go up. :)

The Browns said...

(John commenting now)
Sha, the tiling on the shower looks great as it is, and it will only look better once the grout goes in. I loooove the feature tile, very classy.
Keep them pic coming...

-Sha said...

Thankyou Everyone.. for making me feel so much better about the tiles.. *big hugs* to you all
I have been dreaming all night about tiles!! lol I am wishing i had turned the feature tile on its side in the kids bathroom so the stripe is wider.. (the kids are having the same feature tile, but in a light beige colour) and their main tiles are white ...again, sticking to my boring white/beige theme lol
John.. Its lovely to finally hear from you! Thankyou for your comments