Wednesday, March 11, 2009

colour update

Tim went to Beaumonts to choose the tile for our ensuite today (yes! It's bugging us that much!.. He bought home several samples, including the black one from my post yesterday.. but.. I fell in love with this version of it.. It is a browny kind of colour, but shimmers silver and seems to pic up any colours it comes close to.. Sometimes it looks, brown, then silver, then even a burgundy colour (possibly reflecting from our lounge).. Here it is featured with our floor tile on the left and our wall tile on the top.. Looks stunning huh!! I can't wait to see them installed.. :) (They are very hard to photograph. sorry about the flash reflection)
We also decided to go a darker colour with our carpet.. We feel it will all be toooooo beige with our last choice. This chocolate colour was my first choice, but we were trying to be 'smart' and 'conservative', but now we  are becoming more daring, and I think it will look great!! This will be in the lounge room ( which we may turn into a media room), and in all of the bedrooms and office. Looks very rich and scrumptious in real life! Here it is pictured with our main floor tile. 
Here are the 'bubble' tiles I spoke about in my last post.. We are going to take out the kids beige feature listello and add these in... We saw them in a display at beaumonts with white tiles surrounding them and they looked perfect for the kids bathroom! These will be installed straight after hand over as well. 
I am really excited with all of our colour choices now and glad the house is loosing it's 'beigeness' lol


A-M said...

Beautiful, beautiful choices. I love your carpet colour too... more practical in the long run. I have to choose carpet very soon. Don't want wool so a solution dyed nylon is on the list. Any suggestions? A-M xx

-Sha said...

Hi A-M,
We were looking at wool, but heard a few horror stories, eg when the carpet butts up to the ensuite, if it gets damp, the wool carpet can sometimes smell (like wet dog.. err sheep).. Not sure if thats true, but dont want to take the risk.. and.. it fluffs a lot.. This one we are going with is 100% solution dyed, and feels so soft and luxurious. We are getting it from Andersons Carpets at a great price, with magenta rubber underlay (cant work out which is better, foam or rubber.. seems to be a personal choice). Good luck with your choices, cant wait to see what you decide on :)

The Browns said...

that is our carpet but ours is a bit lighter:)

i love these new choices :D

-Sha said...

Tarin, maybe yours is the 'Mocha' one that Tim has gone to get me a sample of.. we may end up with the same carpet lol

Lot83 said...

Sha, I haven't been following your blog while we've been off line - just wanted to say I love the new blog-look and I really L O V E those bubble tiles in the kids bathroom. Can't wait to see them in. I've seen something similar somewhere and it looked great. If I ever remember, I let you know!!