Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yep! Definately a mistake!

Our Ensuite is now all tiled, with just the grouting to go.. We are not happy! We both dont like the tiles around the bath or the listello. We have decided to pull them off the moment we get the keys, and we will retile.. This is the tile I want. Tim would like to see them in person first ( we have but he cant remember them).. but he thinks they look good :) They will go around the bath, and on the back wall of the shower.. no listello!
On the other hand.. we love the kids bathroom. It is very bright and fresh, and will look great when complete( with candles, bathmats, towels etc). but.. Tim wants to pull the listello down, and put these really cool green ones up, that look like bubbles. I will get a pic on the weekend when we go to beaumont tiles. 
We are still locked out, but the painter was there getting things organised to start painting !!  so he let us in.. we opened a couple of windows slightly so hopefully they wont notice ;) 


The Browns said...

Oh Hun im sorry your not happy. Its so dam hard trying to figure out colours when you don't have every thing there :(. I am terrified to see what the place is going too look like.
My last house i built i went and put Blue and white in the bathroom and later when we were selling that was the down point of it every one hated it

-Sha said...

Its ok.. the tiles we had to choose from in the builders range were really crappy and to upgrade would cost us a stack more. We knew we would have to redo it if we didnt like it, and we think it will work out cheaper now, to buy the tiles ourselves and Tim can tile it..
He is very good at tiling, and will lay all our tiles through our main areas.. What do you think of the tiles we are now thinking of??
I think they are black, but I am pretty sure they come in a chocolate too.. which is the ones I want to get :)
PS you home is looking amazing!!