Saturday, March 28, 2009

cant help myself!

Sorry for all the pics.. I'm probably repeating some of them, but I cant help it lol! 
We went to the block today, and our painter was there.. He pulled down the plastic from the kitchen (except the protector on the ceasarstone) so we could see the kitchen properly.. He should be finished the interior paint today, with only one wall and the glossy skirting to go.. 
Once he pulled the plastic off, we realised the upper cupboards look like a different colour to the lower ones.. We will bring this up with SS as they should be the same colour. There are still another couple of rows of tiles to be installed either side of the window. 
The front is now all complete, except a little bit of paint above the garage, the ceiling in the verandah and some of the downpipes still to install and paint. They will all be 'paperbark' colour. 

We have a control thingy for the garage door (never owned one of these before! lol)
and... our new neighbours moved in across the road  hahahaha! 
This is what we look out our front door to!!  *big grin*

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NikJustNik said...

Love the new neighbours...ya dag LOL!!!

I can even see the difference in those cabinets in the photo!!!