Monday, July 28, 2008

We finally signed.....

Well, after all of our running around and never really knowing what we were doing, lol, we have gone back to our original decision. We signed a Preliminary Assessment with Newstart Homes, which will get us all of the tests/plans required for council etc.. We would love to have built the house below (our dream home!), but in today's market, we felt it would have been stepping too far above our comfort level.. We decided the termite problem was fine (after researching some more) as long as we have Kordon treatment. Bayer warranty it for 50 years, and our house will be under warranty for defects from Newstart for LIFE! - whilst we are the owners. If we sell the house, it reverts back to the original 30 year warranty for the new owners.. So we don't feel we are taking too much of a risk :) We have a few things to iron out before contract, so hopefully things will all go to plan.

Above is our slightly reworked plan and the original elevation...


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Builder Chosen

We have totally gone off the idea of Metricon. Not for any other reason, but we have decided the house we were looking at building with them was not really what we are dreaming of. The inside was beautiful, but the external wasnt real 'homestead-style' like we are wanting. So we have decided to go with a new builder.

This is the house we have chosen. (I hope I havent broken any rules by adding the pic). Our design will be built slab-on-ground, and no balcony (rail) on the verandah, but otherwise very much the same as this one. Isn't it beautiful!
It will probably be 6-12 months now before we build :( but we are hoping the time will fly by..