Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Builder Chosen

We have totally gone off the idea of Metricon. Not for any other reason, but we have decided the house we were looking at building with them was not really what we are dreaming of. The inside was beautiful, but the external wasnt real 'homestead-style' like we are wanting. So we have decided to go with a new builder.

This is the house we have chosen. (I hope I havent broken any rules by adding the pic). Our design will be built slab-on-ground, and no balcony (rail) on the verandah, but otherwise very much the same as this one. Isn't it beautiful!
It will probably be 6-12 months now before we build :( but we are hoping the time will fly by..

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NikJustNik said...

I am so glad you have found the perfect house for you and yours Sharon.. The hardest part is over...