Thursday, February 26, 2009

waterproofing and doors..

Waterproofing was done today.. (or possibly yesterday). What a gorgeous colour they used.. NOT! lol
Does anyone know if this waterproofing is sufficient? I will have to ask my Dad.. he is the expert!

Architraves and skirting boards ..

Our internal doors and sliders turned up sometime in the last two days aswell.. and look what hubby found hiding in amongst them! Our front door!! Shhhhh!!! don't say it too loud, we don't want it stolen ;) The glass is clear.. but there is a internal door sitting behind it, making it look opaque..


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

outdoor cornice?

It was a nice surprise this afternoon to see what they had been up to today. We didn't know they were installing this decorative cornice in the verandah and alfresco areas... We actually hadn't really thought about what they would put there, but we looove this idea!! 
Our temporary front door and sidelight has now been installed. So has the blueboard and most of the soffit. We are almost at 'enclosed' stage. We were told today that the garage door doesn't get installed until nearly the end, so it doesn't get damaged, and as we have an internal door in the garage, this is sufficient to call it 'enclosed'. 

I had a call this morning from the office, asking me about the payment for the third invoice. I explained that as the roof sheets, sarking, ceiling and the rest of the enclosed stage hadn't been completed/rectified, we aren't prepared to pay yet. =
This afternoon, our SS called, and told us he is aware of the issues and has arranged for them to be fixed. He then, very politely asked, due to the fact that he has gone ahead and started- and completed- quite a bit of next stage - plastering, cornice, and arranged for the architraves etc to be installed in next few days, if we could possibly pay the third invoice. (I think he may be in a little trouble with his manager). We agreed, based on the fact that we still hold quite a bit of money , and wont hand over anymore until all of it is up to date.. and we have the BSA behind us. He also told us the issue with the family room ceiling has been fixed (within limits). He was there on Monday and supervised the tradies packing the plaster out, and then checked it himself with his straight edge. We went there tonight, with our own straight edge, and the ceiling is still 5- 10mm out! The straight edge actually rocks from side to side.. Tim tried to call "B" but as it was quite late, he hasn't yet returned our call. We will chat to him about it in the morning, before sending off the third payment!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

bit by bit


Soffit has been started.. about half way finished.. one tap was installed (not sure why they didn't do the other one!) and the Blueboard is now above some of the windows.. 
The issues we raised the last few times (sarking, roof screws, ceiling humps etc) have still not been fixed. 
The garage door is still not on site, and front door not installed.. we still have a bit of a way to go before lockup.. even though the invoice was due to be paid last week. :/
There was some boxes, packing foam and a delivery docket in the rubbish pile for two toilet suites... but nowhere on site are the toilets! We are hoping one of the tradies has them in his car for 'safe keeping'! (gullible aren't we!) 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

more updates..

Plastering looks complete and the cornice was installed today. Woohoo!! Someone swept the house out and it looks wonderful. The windows were all locked up, so we are guessing the garage door and front door will be installed tomorrow and lockup will be complete. We still aren't ready to hand over the third payment until the roof and ceiling are repaired, but that shouldn't take long... 
Our electricity was hooked up to the house today by Energex, and the meter installed.. This is the only time we will get to see the meter on 000000! The solar panels were also put up on the roof, but it doesn't look like they are fully installed yet. 


Monday, February 16, 2009

plastering continues.. bricking complete

Our SS "B" called today to let us know that the phone line hasnt been installed in the house. The telstra guy assumed the builder had done it because the bricks and plastering was done.. The builder said it hadnt been done, and it's the telstra guys problem.. 
I asked the telstra guy to call our builder and sort it out.. I feel its the builders fault as he knew it had to be done, and still ordered the bricking and plastering to be done.. but we will see what solution they come up with.. One way or another it looks like at least one brick will have to be removed and some of the plaster... 'bugger!'
On a good note.. "B" had a meeting with the roofers to discuss the problems with the sarking, humps in the gables and misaligned screws in the roof capping and sheets. He said he will push to have them redone and the sheets replaced. 
The plasterboards in the family room are also a bit dodgy.. at least half of the ceiling in that room will be re-sheeted. The garage and the lounge room also need to be redone, but we are still in discussion as to whether they will be.
The only other problem is the shower rose needs to be moved slightly in the main shower. Nothing major! 
All-in-all everything is looking really good. "B" says we should be all done in 10-12 weeks. Considering it's only been 6 weeks since site scrape, thats pretty good :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anyone got some boxes??

We are gonna need to start packing soon.!! These guys don't muck about!!

Downpipes (still need to be painted 'paperbark')
External window ledges
Entry still needs bricking up, piers at the front not completed, and gable inserts to go in yet.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

no more plasterboarding today... but...

We did get more bricking... 'M' told us the brickies should be finished by the end of this week.. Looks like he will be right!. We received notification in the mail today that we have a new supervisor 'B", (which we already knew).. He is going to go to site tomorrow to see what can be done with the problems we have pointed out.. As time is going on, we arent too worried about the smaller issues, as we know how much work would be involved in fixing them, and really its just cosmetic, and we would like to be in the house sometime this year!! The sarking on the other hand is a major issue, that we will demand gets fixed. We arent sure how they can fix it now that the roof and plasterboard are on, and you arent even be able to see the issue until we get the manhole cut in, but I am sure something will be worked out.. Now.. onto some pics..
The bricks are all the way up now in the verandah area (second pic).. we will have blueboard above the windows, painted to match colorbond 'Paperbark'. We thought about bricking above them, but in the end decided it wasnt worth the added expense.

Energex has been today to hook up the electricity from the street to the pole that we supplied on our block. They had to install a pole of their own on the nature strip. Tomorrow, my BIL will hook up from our pole to the house, and then it will be the builders sparkie hooking up the house... Here is a pic looking from the pole on our block, to the pole on the nature strip, to the one thats up the road abit then across to the other side of the road.. 'phew'.

here is the 'bigger picture'.. A shot taken almost from the front boundary. The house looks really bare sitting in the middle of the paddock...Nothing a few thousand trees, bushes, plants wont fix! The green water tank will eventually be behind the shed that Tim plans on putting up, so it will hardly ever be seen.

Oh! and for those wondering (Hi Tarin! ;).. we arent having ducting aircon.. We figure we are moving to the country on 10 acres! Why would we be wanting to sit inside?? For the really hot days, we are having a split system air con.. (one is supplied in the package from the builder, and we will probably add one or maybe two more later on).. and for the really cold days/nights, we are going to install a wood heater. We will have batts installed shortly in the ceiling for insulation, and are putting ceiling fans throughout the house.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Bricking and Plasterboard going up..

Plasterboards have been installed to the ceiling.. maybe the walls will be started tomorrow :)

Our brick piers are almost done.. Two out of the three of the piers in the alfresco had to be pulled down and redone, as they were twisted, but they are all straight now :) Notice the plaster board in the ceilings in the verandah and alfresco.. There is still a lot of mess to clean up and I cant wait until its done..Today I found some 'girlie' magazines in the middle of our front yard.. I am glad I spotted them before the kids did!!
First pic is the front verandah, second pic is the alfresco.

Back of the house so far.....

Friday, February 6, 2009

more updates...

More bricks going up...

Our plasterboard and cornice arrived, ready to be installed next week.

Our plumbing is all approved..
Tomorrow, we are going up to the block to finish getting the trench dug, ready for our electrician (BIL) to install the power from our power pole to the meter box.