Wednesday, February 18, 2009

more updates..

Plastering looks complete and the cornice was installed today. Woohoo!! Someone swept the house out and it looks wonderful. The windows were all locked up, so we are guessing the garage door and front door will be installed tomorrow and lockup will be complete. We still aren't ready to hand over the third payment until the roof and ceiling are repaired, but that shouldn't take long... 
Our electricity was hooked up to the house today by Energex, and the meter installed.. This is the only time we will get to see the meter on 000000! The solar panels were also put up on the roof, but it doesn't look like they are fully installed yet. 


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The Browns said...

Hi Guys,
WOW its looking like a home now :)
tell those tradies to keep on going :D..
Huggles The Browns