Monday, February 9, 2009

More Bricking and Plasterboard going up..

Plasterboards have been installed to the ceiling.. maybe the walls will be started tomorrow :)

Our brick piers are almost done.. Two out of the three of the piers in the alfresco had to be pulled down and redone, as they were twisted, but they are all straight now :) Notice the plaster board in the ceilings in the verandah and alfresco.. There is still a lot of mess to clean up and I cant wait until its done..Today I found some 'girlie' magazines in the middle of our front yard.. I am glad I spotted them before the kids did!!
First pic is the front verandah, second pic is the alfresco.

Back of the house so far.....


A-M said...

Wow, your house is going up so fast! It's looking fabulous. LOVE your bricks! A-M xx

-Sha said...

Thanks A-M :)
I am loving our bricks more and more as the days go by.. I think I had it in my head the other bricks, so these ones took a bit of getting used to..