Wednesday, February 4, 2009

moving right along..

Our roof is now complete... though we have an issue with the sarking not being installed correctly in one part. It laps the wrong way and will allow moisture to seep into our ceiling if not fixed properly. We have told "M" about this on 2 occasions now, and he agrees and says it needs to be fixed.. and yet still they keep moving right along with the roof and not fixing it.. We wont be paying for the next stage until its fixed properly, and if that means pulling off part of the roof, then so be it.. I certainly dont want a mouldy ceiling!!
On a happy note.. the gables look absolutely amazing!! They have turned out so much better than I had pictured, and they arent even competely finished yet.. lol . (I thought it would just be tin rolled over the top, not actual gable roll)..
The brickies have now completed the first two rows around the house, and the "Kordon" guys have come back and installed the termite protection on the bricks.. The colour of the bricks is really nice and is going to look great with the other colours.. *big grin*

We are a bit dissapointed with a few things, and we will chat to "M" about them to see what can be done. One thing, is the piers are twisted. Can you see in the pics below? They dont line up.

Tim is also pretty disappointed with the roofers as the screws are not in a straight line, when they screwed down the roof. We know there isnt much can be done (unless they need to pull the roof off to fix the sarking), but its a shame that some people cant take a bit more care with their work, and use a string line!


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Hi Lisa, welcome to our blog, and thankyou for our bow :)
It is such an exciting time for us!! I have read a small amount of your blog.. and cant wait to read more.. very interesting reading!