Monday, February 16, 2009

plastering continues.. bricking complete

Our SS "B" called today to let us know that the phone line hasnt been installed in the house. The telstra guy assumed the builder had done it because the bricks and plastering was done.. The builder said it hadnt been done, and it's the telstra guys problem.. 
I asked the telstra guy to call our builder and sort it out.. I feel its the builders fault as he knew it had to be done, and still ordered the bricking and plastering to be done.. but we will see what solution they come up with.. One way or another it looks like at least one brick will have to be removed and some of the plaster... 'bugger!'
On a good note.. "B" had a meeting with the roofers to discuss the problems with the sarking, humps in the gables and misaligned screws in the roof capping and sheets. He said he will push to have them redone and the sheets replaced. 
The plasterboards in the family room are also a bit dodgy.. at least half of the ceiling in that room will be re-sheeted. The garage and the lounge room also need to be redone, but we are still in discussion as to whether they will be.
The only other problem is the shower rose needs to be moved slightly in the main shower. Nothing major! 
All-in-all everything is looking really good. "B" says we should be all done in 10-12 weeks. Considering it's only been 6 weeks since site scrape, thats pretty good :)


Cheshire Plasterer said...

What a fantastic idea to do a blog like this for your building project. Some people actually get round to taking pictures every now and then but once you've finished you'll always be able to look back at this blog to see how it was all worth it.

-Sha said...

Thankyou :) I hope you enjoy the reading about it.
I am mostly doing it as a reminder of our first building journey, but also so my brother and his family, who live interstate can follow what we are up to.. all i need now is for him to get connected to the internet :/