Tuesday, February 24, 2009

outdoor cornice?

It was a nice surprise this afternoon to see what they had been up to today. We didn't know they were installing this decorative cornice in the verandah and alfresco areas... We actually hadn't really thought about what they would put there, but we looove this idea!! 
Our temporary front door and sidelight has now been installed. So has the blueboard and most of the soffit. We are almost at 'enclosed' stage. We were told today that the garage door doesn't get installed until nearly the end, so it doesn't get damaged, and as we have an internal door in the garage, this is sufficient to call it 'enclosed'. 

I had a call this morning from the office, asking me about the payment for the third invoice. I explained that as the roof sheets, sarking, ceiling and the rest of the enclosed stage hadn't been completed/rectified, we aren't prepared to pay yet. =
This afternoon, our SS called, and told us he is aware of the issues and has arranged for them to be fixed. He then, very politely asked, due to the fact that he has gone ahead and started- and completed- quite a bit of next stage - plastering, cornice, and arranged for the architraves etc to be installed in next few days, if we could possibly pay the third invoice. (I think he may be in a little trouble with his manager). We agreed, based on the fact that we still hold quite a bit of money , and wont hand over anymore until all of it is up to date.. and we have the BSA behind us. He also told us the issue with the family room ceiling has been fixed (within limits). He was there on Monday and supervised the tradies packing the plaster out, and then checked it himself with his straight edge. We went there tonight, with our own straight edge, and the ceiling is still 5- 10mm out! The straight edge actually rocks from side to side.. Tim tried to call "B" but as it was quite late, he hasn't yet returned our call. We will chat to him about it in the morning, before sending off the third payment!!

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