Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now into our 12th week!!

Lots of action in the past two days!!

Shower doors installed... (at least in the ensuite.. we couldn't see into the main bathroom), and toilets waiting to be installed.  I know its hard to see, but we had to take all of these pics through the windows again.. We are totally locked out.. we were kind of glad though as there are a lot of 'pretties' in there that people could damage or steal if they were to get in now.. 
One of the 'pretties'... our new oven and rangehood (we think) are sitting in our lounge room, waiting for installation.. maybe tomorrow? 
Wardrobe doors and shelving installed in all bedrooms 
Hot water system installed, and it looks like it is connected to the solar panels. Just need the electric booster hooked up..
Tapware installed in the laundry.. not sure about bathrooms.. Kitchen sink isn't in yet, so no tap there yet. 
and last.. but definately not least.. Our pantry!!  woohoo!! (can you believe we have never had a walk in pantry before.. I might need a compass and a map to find my way out hehehehe)

Also,  the rest of the downpipes were installed, septic system wired up, verandah ceiling was painted, and the front door is taped up ready to be clear stained.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

cant help myself!

Sorry for all the pics.. I'm probably repeating some of them, but I cant help it lol! 
We went to the block today, and our painter was there.. He pulled down the plastic from the kitchen (except the protector on the ceasarstone) so we could see the kitchen properly.. He should be finished the interior paint today, with only one wall and the glossy skirting to go.. 
Once he pulled the plastic off, we realised the upper cupboards look like a different colour to the lower ones.. We will bring this up with SS as they should be the same colour. There are still another couple of rows of tiles to be installed either side of the window. 
The front is now all complete, except a little bit of paint above the garage, the ceiling in the verandah and some of the downpipes still to install and paint. They will all be 'paperbark' colour. 

We have a control thingy for the garage door (never owned one of these before! lol)
and... our new neighbours moved in across the road  hahahaha! 
This is what we look out our front door to!!  *big grin*

Friday, March 27, 2009

More pics from tonight's visit..

Beautiful cornice in Alfresco and Verandah areas!! Soffit is all painted..  

painting seems to be almost finished inside.. These walls look like they have the final coat on them.. We are very happy with the colour... (we are still locked out, so these pics are through the windows)
The garage door is on !! .. again it was pretty dark, so headlights of car used to shed some light on the situation ;) We will take some better shots over the weekend.. 
Do you see the bricks under the garage door holding it up?  Our supervisor tells us this is finished!.. He doesn't add concrete here, as we didn't opt for the driveway (imagine the cost of an 85m driveway!!)..  In the display home there is concrete under the door then the driveway is seperate again, so we are going to show him the pics of the display and see what he says)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Pics

The packing begins.. only about 4 weeks to go, which is only 8 days to pack (no time to pack during the week!)
I love my kitchen!!... here are a few more pics  *grin*  Painters are still going, so things are still covered in plastic and dirty..
This will definately need a clean!
We have no timber windowsill in the kitchen.. the window goes all the way down to our bench top... we think this is a great thing for when we change the window to bifold windows later on.. Great for BBQ time!! 
Our front door from the inside.. Still needs to be clear stained yet.. 
Our gables are painted.. as you can see it was verrrry dark when we were at the house.. and most of these pics are relying heavily on the flash.. 

Tthere isnt much happening at the moment, until the painters finish. 
Have a great night everyone.. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

not much happening.. but..

We have got our first coat of paint started.. The colour looks really good. On the sample chip it looks almost grey.. On the wall, it looks a beige colour. Love it! 
We had to break in to get these pics! lol
We also ordered our carpet today. We have gone with this one.. We had some doubts about the quality of it, even though it feels gorgeous! and have since learned it is very high quality carpet. The colour is Weathered Acorn. Here is it pictured with our polished porcelain floor tiles :) 
I have bought the family new doona covers to dress the rooms up a little (until I can afford new beds!) 
Here is ours.. 

Here is Daughter's (she is 8 Years Old)

Here is two Sons (10 and 13 years old) They wanted the same one.. and since they will be sharing for a little while, it will look good in their room. 
I still need to buy one for Son (who is 17 years old), but I am still looking.. 
Thats all for now.. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

change of heart... again..

I must be driving you all crazy.. I am driving myself crazy lol
We went to the house tonight, and was lucky enough to catch our painter still there.. 
He let us in.. and when we saw the tiles all grouted we were shocked.. they didnt look too bad at all.. not as nice as the ones we have now chosen, but nice enough that we have decided to hold off buying the new tiles, and see how the house looks over all when its complete. 
Our Ensuite(all covered in plastic from the painters)..
The kids shower area.. 
Our splashback is now in the kitchen.. love it!  Notice anything else???? 
Our benchtop is in!!!!  I am sooooo excited! It is THE one thing I have been dying to see.. love it love it love it :)
Oh! and we have once again, changed our mind on our carpet.. We are now going for the lighter brown one.. Below is pictured (in our new bedroom) the darker one that we were going to go with yesterday, and the lighter that we have chosen now... its not beige at least! lol This sample was actually out of the shop (someone borrowed it as we have now).. so today is the first day we have seen it.. I still love the dark one more, but its not very practical.. The lighter one (called Weathered Acorn) is still gorgeous :)
Please excuse my dirty lens! 

PS ( Tarin and John, is this your carpet?)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

colour update

Tim went to Beaumonts to choose the tile for our ensuite today (yes! It's bugging us that much!.. He bought home several samples, including the black one from my post yesterday.. but.. I fell in love with this version of it.. It is a browny kind of colour, but shimmers silver and seems to pic up any colours it comes close to.. Sometimes it looks, brown, then silver, then even a burgundy colour (possibly reflecting from our lounge).. Here it is featured with our floor tile on the left and our wall tile on the top.. Looks stunning huh!! I can't wait to see them installed.. :) (They are very hard to photograph. sorry about the flash reflection)
We also decided to go a darker colour with our carpet.. We feel it will all be toooooo beige with our last choice. This chocolate colour was my first choice, but we were trying to be 'smart' and 'conservative', but now we  are becoming more daring, and I think it will look great!! This will be in the lounge room ( which we may turn into a media room), and in all of the bedrooms and office. Looks very rich and scrumptious in real life! Here it is pictured with our main floor tile. 
Here are the 'bubble' tiles I spoke about in my last post.. We are going to take out the kids beige feature listello and add these in... We saw them in a display at beaumonts with white tiles surrounding them and they looked perfect for the kids bathroom! These will be installed straight after hand over as well. 
I am really excited with all of our colour choices now and glad the house is loosing it's 'beigeness' lol

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yep! Definately a mistake!

Our Ensuite is now all tiled, with just the grouting to go.. We are not happy! We both dont like the tiles around the bath or the listello. We have decided to pull them off the moment we get the keys, and we will retile.. This is the tile I want. Tim would like to see them in person first ( we have but he cant remember them).. but he thinks they look good :) They will go around the bath, and on the back wall of the shower.. no listello!
On the other hand.. we love the kids bathroom. It is very bright and fresh, and will look great when complete( with candles, bathmats, towels etc). but.. Tim wants to pull the listello down, and put these really cool green ones up, that look like bubbles. I will get a pic on the weekend when we go to beaumont tiles. 
We are still locked out, but the painter was there getting things organised to start painting !!  so he let us in.. we opened a couple of windows slightly so hopefully they wont notice ;)