Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pic of shower.. should open up now..

You should be able to click on it now, to make it bigger.. fingers x'd 

We went to the house today, to take more pics, but were locked out :( 

Here is a pic of the floor.. thought it might help to visualise it all together.. the rest of the ensuite floor will be this tile aswell, but glossy (these are matte)


A-M said...

Are you serious? locked out? Rachael from La Maison Sur Le Colline blog warned me about lock up and to keep a key just in case we were locked out. I figure that if you have paid the latest installment in your contract,then you own that much of the house!... and you should have access! I'm sure the BSA would not agree with my logic. It's all looking great. I like your shower tiling but I am a white everything person and love neutral colour schemes. My showers are all white.. no feature tiles! A-M xx

-Sha said...

We have not seen any keys or been given any for the home.. we did try to leave a window slightly open, so it was closed but not locked, but they must of checked it and secured it.. :(

The Browns said...

see i told ya that the lock out monster was on his way LOL.

Hun this is a good thing :) not long to go and you will have your house. Just means now you have to go when there are workers there.

Big Huggles