Sunday, March 1, 2009

KITCHEN installed !!! Yayyyyyyy!!

We had the best surprise when we turned up today! The kitchen and other cabinets must of been installed on Friday.. We love the colours!!!  
The kitchen is 'Alibaster' and is very very light beige. 

Tim and I then raced each other to the other rooms to check out the rest of the cabinets..  :) Here is our ensuite
Laundry and then the kids vanity (main bathroom). These two cabinets are the same colours - just in different lighting. 
(who is very excited and happy tonight!)


A-M said...

I cannot believe how fast your home is going up. It is blowing my mind. You must be soooo excited. Looks fabulous. Love the vanity colours and your kitchen is so big and bright! A-M xx

Lisa said...




Mona said...

WoW! Love the new look of the Blog, and the kitchen installation looks so easy, lol.

The Browns said...

WOOT that is soooooooo exciting G/friend its coming along.
what colour is your benchtop?

-Sha said...

I know.. its just soooo fast.. may slow down a bit now though,, Tim had a bit of a ''chat' with our SS today.. he doesnt agree with us that we have issues with the ceiling being wonky.. we will wait to hear what his Manager has to say about it..
Our ceasarstone is 'Almond Rocca'.
I am looking at having a cupboard made to go above the corner one from the same kitchen makers that did the others.. It will house the microwave and a couple of smaller cupboards ( and a bulkhead)..