Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Pics

The packing begins.. only about 4 weeks to go, which is only 8 days to pack (no time to pack during the week!)
I love my kitchen!!... here are a few more pics  *grin*  Painters are still going, so things are still covered in plastic and dirty..
This will definately need a clean!
We have no timber windowsill in the kitchen.. the window goes all the way down to our bench top... we think this is a great thing for when we change the window to bifold windows later on.. Great for BBQ time!! 
Our front door from the inside.. Still needs to be clear stained yet.. 
Our gables are painted.. as you can see it was verrrry dark when we were at the house.. and most of these pics are relying heavily on the flash.. 

Tthere isnt much happening at the moment, until the painters finish. 
Have a great night everyone.. 


stormygirl said...

Looking fabulous, Sha! wonderful to see Alabaster in the kitchen in all it's glory...will be my kitchen (2 pac gloss), bathrooms and laundry (laminex) day! Such a nice warm white!

The Browns said...

WOOWOOWOWO 4to go that is soooooo exciting I'm so jealous g/friend..

Lot83 said...

Wow Sha - it's looking great and so close now! Love your kitchen 'cause it's similar colours to mine!!!

Enjoy your packing :)