Friday, March 27, 2009

More pics from tonight's visit..

Beautiful cornice in Alfresco and Verandah areas!! Soffit is all painted..  

painting seems to be almost finished inside.. These walls look like they have the final coat on them.. We are very happy with the colour... (we are still locked out, so these pics are through the windows)
The garage door is on !! .. again it was pretty dark, so headlights of car used to shed some light on the situation ;) We will take some better shots over the weekend.. 
Do you see the bricks under the garage door holding it up?  Our supervisor tells us this is finished!.. He doesn't add concrete here, as we didn't opt for the driveway (imagine the cost of an 85m driveway!!)..  In the display home there is concrete under the door then the driveway is seperate again, so we are going to show him the pics of the display and see what he says)

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Shannon said...

Everything is looking so great. I bet you guys are getting so very excited!!