Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our flooring choices..

We finally decided on our carpet today. This is the last colour choice we have to make before moving in..  yayyyyyy !

It is 100% Solution Dyed Nylon by RESISTAIN. 
Design is Ariel and Colour is Dark Buff. It is Rated 6 - Extra Heavy Duty incl stairs with Easy Back (felted back, instead of just hessian). It has a 15 year warranty 

This pic shows the carpet on the right, our tiles on the left (polished porcelain) and our wall paint at the back.. Should blend beautifully with our beige/white colour scheme  hahaha 



The Browns said...

Hi Sha & the Gang,
Love the carpet choice, looks really good with the subtle pattern in it.The colour is just a bit lighter than the one we have chosen.
My theory is: when you have kids you choose your colours to be as close to the colour of dirt as possible ;-)

-Sha said...

It has taken me soooo long to choose the carpet. There was a gorgeous dark chocolate one I really wanted and Tim wanted the stormy grey one.. In the end common sense ruled as we realised those colours are lovely but would be too dark in the bedrooms and may look older quicker.
I cant wait to see your colour choices.. what 'colour theme' are you going with??

The Browns said...

Our theme is Beige, Earthy tones...
You get quite nervous as when you have to choose them your in such a hurry :(.

-Sha said...

seems to be the smart way i think .. but some might say boring way.. I dont care.. I love the clean look of beige tones..
We plan on 'enhancing' the rooms with feature walls, cushions, lamps, rugs, artwork etc.
We went today and bought some mosaic tiles (glass and stone combination) to add in our entrance area.
Love them.. soooo excited tonight, imagining it all coming together.. even our ensuite shower lol

The Browns said...


OME i was excited over my almost full wall of bricks to day LOL.
we have one wall in the family room that is now completed and its all very exciting.
this is the first house we can move in to with NO BABIES sooo we can do this house up nice :)