Monday, February 23, 2009

bit by bit


Soffit has been started.. about half way finished.. one tap was installed (not sure why they didn't do the other one!) and the Blueboard is now above some of the windows.. 
The issues we raised the last few times (sarking, roof screws, ceiling humps etc) have still not been fixed. 
The garage door is still not on site, and front door not installed.. we still have a bit of a way to go before lockup.. even though the invoice was due to be paid last week. :/
There was some boxes, packing foam and a delivery docket in the rubbish pile for two toilet suites... but nowhere on site are the toilets! We are hoping one of the tradies has them in his car for 'safe keeping'! (gullible aren't we!) 

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A-M said...

Oh I hope your toilets haven't gone walk about! Things are moving so fast for you. It's so great to see someone having a smooth ride! You are the exception to the rule! Enjoy! A-M xx