Tuesday, February 10, 2009

no more plasterboarding today... but...

We did get more bricking... 'M' told us the brickies should be finished by the end of this week.. Looks like he will be right!. We received notification in the mail today that we have a new supervisor 'B", (which we already knew).. He is going to go to site tomorrow to see what can be done with the problems we have pointed out.. As time is going on, we arent too worried about the smaller issues, as we know how much work would be involved in fixing them, and really its just cosmetic, and we would like to be in the house sometime this year!! The sarking on the other hand is a major issue, that we will demand gets fixed. We arent sure how they can fix it now that the roof and plasterboard are on, and you arent even be able to see the issue until we get the manhole cut in, but I am sure something will be worked out.. Now.. onto some pics..
The bricks are all the way up now in the verandah area (second pic).. we will have blueboard above the windows, painted to match colorbond 'Paperbark'. We thought about bricking above them, but in the end decided it wasnt worth the added expense.

Energex has been today to hook up the electricity from the street to the pole that we supplied on our block. They had to install a pole of their own on the nature strip. Tomorrow, my BIL will hook up from our pole to the house, and then it will be the builders sparkie hooking up the house... Here is a pic looking from the pole on our block, to the pole on the nature strip, to the one thats up the road abit then across to the other side of the road.. 'phew'.

here is the 'bigger picture'.. A shot taken almost from the front boundary. The house looks really bare sitting in the middle of the paddock...Nothing a few thousand trees, bushes, plants wont fix! The green water tank will eventually be behind the shed that Tim plans on putting up, so it will hardly ever be seen.

Oh! and for those wondering (Hi Tarin! ;).. we arent having ducting aircon.. We figure we are moving to the country on 10 acres! Why would we be wanting to sit inside?? For the really hot days, we are having a split system air con.. (one is supplied in the package from the builder, and we will probably add one or maybe two more later on).. and for the really cold days/nights, we are going to install a wood heater. We will have batts installed shortly in the ceiling for insulation, and are putting ceiling fans throughout the house.

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