Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink

Thats right.. (nearly) everything has been done, but still no kitchen sink.. 
Here are a few pics from tonight's visit... excuse the quality as it was almost dark, and we are still locked out, which I am sure we will be now until hand over.. (which cant be far away!!)
Our chinaman hats and light bulbs installed.. Wonder where the 40% energy saver bulbs are.. 
The downpipes and the rest of the blueboard above the windows is now painted 'paperbark'.
This weird looking power switch is for our split system air conditioner (yet to be installed)
Connection for the gas is now on.. time to call the gas company and get some bottles delivered!
Power switches and aerial connection for the tv in the alfresco

Yayyyyy!! Our oven and rangehood are installed.. It looks like the oven can still be pushed back a little more so it wont stick out as far..  (no they aren't ghosts, they are the flash bouncing off the windows lol)
There is not much left to do now... 

Things that still need to be done:
Air conditioner
Kitchen sink and tap
Electricity and pump on water tank, and HSTP
Tap to fridge area
Clean house

Tiling by DH
Carpets by BIL
Tv aerial
Decking to alfresco and patio


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The Browns said...

Yahoo your rocking gal :).
gowd it must feel great to know your not far away
The Browns