Thursday, April 23, 2009

tile choices..

Tim has almost finished the tiling, with only a few areas left to do.. then the grouting. 
One of the areas to complete is the front entrance. 
He has now installed the mosaic tiles - don't they look good! -  but we are a bit stuck with what to do in the middle. 
Here are the options
1) Lighter tile -laid square, same as main floor
2) Lighter tile  - laid diagonal, so it looks like a diamond
3) Darker tile - laid square
4) Darker tile - laid diagonal
5) a different tile all together (maybe a different brown , more similiar to the one in the mosaic.. not sure where I would find it though)
6) a star or something made from different coloured tiles in the middle like this one..

Any advice welcome!!!! 

The wall looking straight ahead will be painted as a feature wall, with a dark framed mirror on it (havent decided on colour for the wall yet). 
Rooms either side of the entrance (lounge room and study),will have carpet like this, but a bit darker in real life.. (notice tile colour is a bit lighter)..
These taken at same time, so not sure why they are different shades.. I believe the second one is the truer colour. 

What would you do??????



A-M said...

Oh darker, darker. It would be stunning! A-M xx

Katrina Chambers said...

HI there! I think I would go the lighter tile on a diagonal. The mosaics are their own feature. Love what you have done!

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

I'm going to be party pooper and say the lighter tile. then on your wall have the darker brown as a feature wall. i think if you do to much in this area it will become buzy and feel small.

OME I bet your pinching your selves. not long to go now and you will be in.

The Browns

southies said...

Definitely DARKER !! What a dramatic statement, particularly if you decorate with something darker in the immediate vicinity.