Friday, April 17, 2009

Handover postponed...

We had a call from "B" today to say our handover is now confirmed for the 1st of May - one week after we were meant to.  This is really good news for us as I am so unprepared for moving, plus we couldn't get our carpets installed until that weekend.. which means now we wont have to move in without them! Yayyy! 
Tomorrow is Jack's birthday (Son number 4). He is turning 11 and we have promised him a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary ( I have tickets that I need to use before June, so good excuse lol)
I am hoping we can get home early enough to go to the house and do some more tiling. Tim has had two really long and hard days at work so no tiling done after work lately.. 
We got our Rudd bonus today.. so like good little Aussies, we went and spent it lol 
We bought new innerspring mattresses for all of the kids (not sure if they are aussie made, but the kids needed them). 
Stay tuned for more tiling updates over the weekend.. Have a good one everyone!! 

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