Monday, April 20, 2009

More tiling and other updates..

Here is a closeup of our tiles.. (ungrouted)

I have taken both of these pics tonight, but they are close to the true colour of the tiles, firstly at night, then during the day.. big difference huh! - at night they a lovely warm yellow,  and during the day, they remind me of sand (maybe just slightly darker than this pic)
These are the mosaic tiles we have bought for the entrance. We are going to make a rectangle from them, and inside the rectangle we will use the same tiles as the main floor but on a 45 degree angle. (diamond instead of square) - (excuse the dirt ;))
They moved our rangehood up a bit higher, but we aren't sure why. Our SS says it was not needed, but we like it better this way.
Our flickmixers are installed throughout the house now... these are the ones we have in all of the showers and baths. 
thats all for now.. 


kexkez said...

3 days and a bit to hand over it says! omg so good to see so many getting to the end of their journeys.

Katrina Chambers said...

Looks fab! Who is your building company? Looks very much like the houses my company builds!

-Sha said...

oops..Sorry! I forgot to change the gadget thing.. Our handover has been pushed back until 01/05/09 (since we gave them a list of about 30 items to fix).

Katrina , The builder is Newstart Homes. What is the name of your company?

Allan said...

About the tile colour at night, how about try a different colour of light bulb and see which ones look better?

If it's day time then urh... put some windows tinting :-) ....

-Sha said...

Hi Allan,
We actually like both colours.. we do have the normal bulbs in that area at the moment that shine a yellow hue, so maybe when we put the energy savers throughout it wont look so yellow..
Have been considering window tinting lately actually! lol
Does anyone know how much it costs and who in Brisbane do it??

Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Sha, I just realised you were in QLD so we wouldn't have the same company. Just some of the inclusions are the same! We are Dennis Family Homes.