Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walkthru complete!

We met 'B' onsite at 3pm to go thru our walkthru.. He is a man of little words, so we would have been unsure what to do had it not been for the wonderful and informative people on Homeone! 
He handed us some green tape and said put this where it looks wrong.. 
Fortunately we didnt have too many places to put the tape (compared to some that I have seen). 
There is still a bit to do, but he told us he will have it all done in two weeks, maybe sooner, and as soon as its done we can have handover.. Not sure if the bank will be ready by then! 
Things yet to do:
install insulation and manhole cover
install air conditioner
install kitchen sink and tap ('B' delivered them to site today)
install toilet in ensuite (it had a crack in it so has been replaced)
repaint some of the downpipes (only one coat done)
change half the door handles 
add two more tiles under the rangehood where they raised it up
repair paint where it has been chipped, smudged, etc
fill in the trenches to water tank and hstp
replace a chipped tile on ensuite floor, and one listello on face of ensuite bath
repair our front entrance where a truck hit the post and rail
site clean 
(and he thinks he can have all this done in 2 weeks, with the easter break in the middle?!)

We were advised he doesn't clean down the bricks!? .. does anyone else's builder not do this? 
He said it was because they have too much trouble with the bricks changing colour.. We will probably do it ourselves after handover.. 

I booked the kids into their schools today and bought uniforms. They both seem like great schools (high school and primary school), with very similiar amount of students as their previous schools.. they should settle in really well. 

Until next time.. (which will most likely be after moving day! woohooooo!!)
Thanks to everyone for following our building journey and a happy Easter to you all! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Sha! Its kylie from homeone, just wanted to say that everything looks amazing and I am excited for you that it looks like handover will be in 2 weeks. Strange though about the bricks (?) I thought they would have to wash them down...

I love all your interior colours - everything looks amazing and so tasteful! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kitchen colours!

Kylie xx

The Browns said...

I cant believe you guys are at this stage..
your so lucky can you aerosol some of that new house smell for me and send it my way? Please it should keep me going until my house is ready when every that will be LOL
Big congrats hugs

-Sha said...

Hi Kykie, Hi Tarin!!
Thanks for dropping by guys.
We are very excited, but I think the stress of it all happening so fast is getting to us both a little! lol
We planned to go to caboulture to get the floor leveller tonight ( BIl is getting it at a great price for us), but with all the Easter traffic we decided to wait.. so now we will leave here at 5:30am! OMG I am so not a morning person! to be up there and back in time to still flood the floor tomorrow.
Also, we found out that BIL cant lay our carpet before we move in, so we will be in the house for one week without carpet. hmm.. not so bad... I guess.. lol
Have a great Easter guys!

The Browns said...

Hi Sha & the gang,
Tarin and I have built a few houses and this is the first time I have ever heard that a builder doesn't acid wash the brickwork, this is a standard activity. I was so bothered by this I asked my builder and he said in 35 years of building he has never heard of the bricks not being cleaned. He said that it is so standard that your contract would only say that it is NOT to be performed.
I say check your contract and the builder's website, standard inclusions, etc because this is not normal.
Take care, Happy Easter guys...
John (and Taz).

-Sha said...

Hey John, thanks for your post
I have written a list of items that need to be repaired or completed before handover. Some were mentioned at walkthrough, others noticed later, or forgotten on the day. Anyway, I am going to send it off to our builder explaining these are our requirements prior to handover and two of the items we will be calling the BSA about. One is the acid washing of the bricks, and the other is the garage door closing in mid air. The house is not vermin proof, and we have seen a mouse in the house in the past couple of days, and there are droppings in the garage. I will be interested to see the responses, both from the builder and the BSA.
I will let you know how we go...
thanks again for your time, worry and effort.

baysidehomestead said...

Hi Sha,

Its Joanne and Jerry who have just started following your blog as we are also looking at building the Homestead 37 with Newstart. We were originally going to build the Glenview with Hallmark but came across the Homestead by accident a month or so ago from an old Newstart brochure we must had picked up along the way. We really like this plan as it already have the games and Alfesco included, while in the Hallmark we had to add them in and it was adding to the costs pretty quickly, let alone eating into our block. (Our development envelope is only 1595m so its important we don't over use it on the house).

Been looking at your plans and we really liked your idea of moving bedroom 2 into the workshop to create a WIP. So much so, we emailed our sales consultant about making similar changes. Oops hope its not copyrighted lol.

Was going back thru your blog and I can't believe the pace the house is going at.

I also noted your comment on the builder not acid washing down your bricks and I will be asking my sales consultant the same question as I'm with the Browns on this one.

The last house we built was rendered so this was not an issue but one thing we noticed was all the windows had scratches and were all replaced by Coral homes after we moved in.

Good luck with hand over
Joanne and Jerry