Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tiling in progress..

A small update.. 
Tim is currently in the middle of tiling our new home. We spent half of the Easter break levelling the floor first. The slab was really uneven, and even though we bought more than we were advised, we actually ran out of the leveller!  My Dad and I drove to every hardware store in the area (and being out of town, and Easter holidays, there weren't many!, but we managed to get just enough. We didn't get to level the pantry or the fridge space, but those areas are pretty good anyway.
Now for some pics (of course!)
The first tile goes down -  Of course the kids wanted a go too! 
These pics are taken with the crappy camera on my phone . My batteries went flat in the camera but I did manage to get one which shows a more accurate colour. 

Kitchen and Pantry - Family room
Hallway(half tiled) - Another kitchen pic
Family room - (this is closer to the true colour at night.. during the day, the tiles look more like a beige. If you ignore the red flash above you can kind of see the colour in the pics above)
The cuts around the edges have not yet been glued in, so may look a little out of line at the moment.. and none of the grouting has been done yet... Grout colour is called 'Misty Grey'. 
More updates shortly.. 


John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Wow, great job guys.
Love the tile :)
not long to go now and your will be all moved in
The Browns

Katrina Chambers said...

Looks awesome!

baysidehomestead said...

Wow, if we get our build to that stage any chance of sending the tiler and the little helpers to do our floor :)

Jo and Jerry

-Sha said...

They are doing a great job, aren't they!!
I wish we could go up tomorrow and do some more, but its #4 Son's birthday (turning 11) and we have promised him a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Maybe we can get home early and head up there ;)

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Happy birthday to Mr 11 :) hope he has a wonderful day.

Lot83 said...

Love those tiles Sha. They'd go very noicely with my splash back tiles ;)

Any chance of letting me know some details? Colour, price and where you got them from????? I'm 99% sure we'll be having polished concrete, but I'm keeping options open! I just can't make up my mind.

Your tiler is doing a great job.

-Sha said...

They are called 'Harmony Latte" if I remember right.. and we bought them at Beaumont tiles - they were on special for 45% off!! which made them $32.95 per metre. It wouldnt hurt to call and ask if they still have some left ;)
They are a gorgeous colour and remind me of sand (beach)
The tiler is doing a wonderful job! ( he is my hubby)

Lot83 said...

They do look lovely Sha. And Tim is doing a great job. This can't be his first time laying tiles is it? Its got me thinking maybe we could DIY to save some $$$, but gee, you wouldn't want to bugger it up would you?

What a great price you got them for!

-Sha said...

no, not his first time laying tiles.. but his first time laying 'porcelain' tiles.. the tiler that did our wet areas was at our house yesterday replacing some chipped tiles, and told Tim he is doing an amazing job and that he wouldnt be able to do any better himself *hubby got swelled head, heehe* Apparantly porcelain are the hardest tiles to lay.

We are saving bucket loads on our flooring. We saved on the tiles (45% off) , saved on laying (free labour) , saved on our carpet (BIL in the business and got us a HUGE discount on carpet and best rubber underlay) and he will lay it for us for free *big grins for us*

I would say definately give it a go.. just take your time :)