Friday, April 3, 2009

I know how much you all love pics...

YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!  We have walk-thru next Wednesday, and handover in 2-3 weeks! OMG!! So much to do and organise!! 
Our SS has also said we are allowed in to do our tiling (and maybe carpet) during the Easter break (yayyy) so I have arranged to have the tiles delivered on Wednesday, hopefully while we are doing the walk-thru.
Here are some pics from our visit tonight (we were able to sneak in).. We noticed a bit of plaster and paint that needs repairing and also half our door handles are polished chrome, and the other half are satin finish??!! They will need to be changed to all satin finish. 
I hope you enjoy the pics.


The Browns said...

Yahoooo about time Guys we are soooo happy for you all. I cant believe that you guys started after us and here it sits.
suck it all in :D and enjoy Your brand new home

Shannon said...

It is looking absolutely gorgeous!!

kexkez said...

WOW! The house looks wonderful.
Truely amazing that it's almost ready to hand over already. So much excitment and such a short time more to wait. I guess the next 3 weeks will be packed solid with organsing to get everything done. yippee. very envious.

southies said...

Love, love, love your colours. Adore your kitchen tiles !!

-Sha said...

Thanks for comments everyone :)
We went to the house tonight, and the painter was still there and will be back again next week!! He asked me to check the meterage he has been quoted. He thought our house was bigger than the plan said, as its taking him so long to do.. (he must be paid per metre)
The sparkies were also there, and got everything wired up, and they turned all of the lights on for the first time*woohoo!* ... and we were there to witness it!! OH it looked so beautiful!
Everyone has done such a good job, and surprisingly, some of the tradies are complimenting the other tradies on such good work!