Saturday, January 31, 2009

Next comes.... Bricks!!

Yesterday, most of the roofing was complete. There is still the alfresco to finish off and all the the cappings ( ? not sure of tech terms lol). They have left a strip down the middle at the front. Probably so they can hook up the solar panels and piping for the hot water.
Here is pic of the back... and then the front (sorry this is so dark, I was too busy looking around and forgot to take the front pic until it was almost dark).

The bricks also arrived. There is a lot of broken ones, and some that are brown, instead of red.. but I am sure they will pick through them. They are not exactly as we chose, because these ones seem to have a variation in them, like someone took a bleach rag and wiped it down each row of bricks... but we think it will look good :) The first picture seems to show the true colour of the bricks, (well on my monitor anyway lol) ..

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