Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Road to ... 'Nowhere"

We were told by our CSO that works was due to start again on 05/01/09 and drains due to be installed on 08/01/09, so we went out to the block today, hoping to see an Excavator preparing our site... but instead we found nothing... nada... zip...

We left a msg on the 'M's mobile, but as yet, we haven't heard back.. (There was a missed call on my phone, so may have been him).

Anyways... here is a pic of our new driveway.. all 85 metres of it!! - This is the view looking from what will be our garage to the road.


1 comment:

House-To-Be said...

Oh my goodness! That's is one long driveway!

It's very frustrating waiting and then getting to your "start date" and nothing happening. Hope you see some action on your block soon