Monday, January 12, 2009

Brick Issues Resolved...

Our CSO called me today to say that they were totally unaware of the issues with our bricks... so she called Austral Head office, who confirmed our fears... We need to choose another brick as they are unable to supply the "Monticello" in its original form.. Our bricks are due to be on site in 3 weeks, so we have to pick another brick immediately!
We had sooo much trouble choosing the first brick, that I was dreading this..

Anyway.. we rushed down to Austral this afternoon, and after a LOT of bantering back and forth, we finally made a decision.. I must admit its not a brick either of us have looked at before, but .. to be honest.. I think we are both extremely happy with the choice.. I think it will add a bit of depth to the house, and not look so washed out..

Our mortar will be natural grey, raked. Our roof, gutters and fascia will be the greeny/grey sample called "bushland" and our garage door, windows, downpipes will be the creamy coloured sample called "paperbark". Photos taken with phone, so not the best quality sorry.. bricks are probably a bit redder in real life. (The centre of each pic seems to be a bit more accurate)What do you think????


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