Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holes.. the good, the bad and the ugly

THE GOOD - The excavator was on site today to get the (huge!!) holes dug ready for the water tank and the hstp system to be installed. They are due to be delivered and installed at 8 o'clock in the morning. Wow! everything is moving so fast now.. I hope this keeps up lol
THE BAD -At around 3:30pm, We received a call from our CSO to say the excavator had hit rock :( He finally finished digging about 7pm, though only 2 hours of 'rock' digging.
We also noticed our roof trusses on site .. already! I am not sure how they will install them without our (and we dont even have a slab yet).. but we aren't complaining!
THE UGLY - On a negative note... One of the truck drivers has hit our front fence post. The post is loose in the ground and damaged, the gate is buckled and the rails are crushed. We called the builder to let him know, but only got the answering machine. I will email our CSO tomorrow and find out what they will do about it.

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