Thursday, January 29, 2009

roof started, windows in.. baths arrived!?

We got to see our roof colour today.. we hadnt seen it at all, except on a tiny sample.. and we love it! It looks grey, with a tinge of green.. Sometimes very light like silver, other times darker.. We need to ask "M" about the wrapping they are putting under the colorbond. We are meant to be getting R2.5 insulation batts to the ceiling, so we think this is the sarking.. Some of it is being lapped the wrong way, and there are large holes in it, so any condensation will go straight onto our ceiling.. It might be alright, we just aren't sure.
Here is the garage, and the next pic is the left hand side -our bedroom and ensuite, the family room and the alfresco out the back

Our windows and sliding doors are all in. They are Paperbark colour but at the moment the black tape is still covering them for protection.

They need to swap these two windows over, so they both open from the corner out.. We specifically asked for them to be put in that way, so we can capture more of the view of the mountains from our ensuite.

Yesterday, we noticed our baths had already arrived- a bit early maybe? lol Here is Katelyn, checking them out :) We were worried the main bath would be too small, but it seems to be big enough, atleast for kids, and they are the only ones going to use it.. lol
Can you believe its only been 3 weeks since they started the slab!!
We had a call today from the office to check everything was going fine, and we were happy campers. :) I told her we were thrilled, and loving every minute of it. She will pass the comments onto "M" , who we are still yet to meet.. actually we haven't met any of the workers at all yet. It's like little fairies go onto our block and do a bit more every day... and judging from the cans, casks (yes! a cask of wine) and even a large rum bottle! , they are drunken little fairies! lol
Oh! we have some doors delivered to site, that we can't work out where they go... We had a closer look, and they have a different builder's name and suburb on them.. soooooo if you are building in Carole Park and are missing some doors.. I know where you can find them! *grin*


A-M said...

You are progressing so quickly! It's wonderful to read about a 'good' build. Enjoy every minute of it! A-M xx

Helen and Greg... said...

It's looking great so far, I love the roof it's going to look great with the redish bricks.

I have no idea why they fit the baths so early, but they always seem to lol.

~ Helen ~

The Browns said...

Wow, you guys are cruisin' way ahead of us! Looks great too. I heard yesterday that the "rule or thumb" is that when your house is considered 'Lock-up' it is normally 6 weeks from that point when you can take ownership!
Long way off that thought for the Browns of Yass ;-(
Take care, guys, looking good.
John & Tarin

-Sha said...

Thanks for the comments everyone..
It is soooo exciting.. I didn't realise they built houses this quickly lol. I am happy that we are one of the 'good builds' too A-M! I have read of some houses taking forever to build. Tarin, your house is massive so of course it's going to take a lot longer than mine! You will get there and I can't wait to see it ;)
I love the roof too Helen, and I am glad we had to choose different bricks.. I think the other bricks wouldn't have looked as good.
6 weeks from lockup?? OMG!! I had better start thinking about getting some boxes and deciding what I am/am not going to take with me lol!