Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have been "Framed"!!

Our Entrance..

This is how strangers will enter our home.. (Friends and Family will probably go around to the back door lol)

Our Living Areas..

This is looking at the Kitchen (on the left), dining (middle) and family (on the right), overlooking our Alfresco area..

Our Home..

This is the front view of the house.. garage on right side. Main bedroom on left. There is a front porch in the middle, which will be under the main roof.

Roof trusses are due to be installed tomorrow!!!
We had a wonderful time walking through all of the rooms. It was good to see the sizes etc.. My only concern is the hallway is wayyyyy too narrow.. Its 950mm wide.. what size are hallways normally??.. maybe its because its soooo long! lol.. Any ideas to make it feel wider??


A-M said...

Hallways are normally 900 wide so you're fine. I too was worried when I first walked through our frame. Everything didn't seem big enough. As soon as they put the windows in and closed it in a bit, everything looked bigger. Go figure?! You're home is going to be beautiful with heaps of room! A-M xx

Mrs B said...

How exciting for you Sha! What a magnificent home you are going to have and so much space for your children to play in.
As for the hallway, there are a few ideas to make a long hallway appear wider or more 'interesting visually' Perhaps some feature lighting on the walls, a mirror with a long skinny table underneath (just to break up the long hallway)and the right colour that does not enclose it even more. There are articles and pictures on how to decorate a long hallway, I'll see if I can find some for you.

Mrs B