Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roof trusses ready to go..

The workers were back onsite again today, putting up the bracing etc.. The crane must of been there aswell, as most of the roof trusses were raised up, ready to be installed tomorrow. (Son2 looks so excited to be moving to the country.. lol NOT!!)

The beams were also installed for the alfresco, front verandah and garage. It is now easier to see the size of the Alfresco and Verandah.. we are very happy!!

We did notice some of the frame overhanging.. There are 2 places like this.. the rest of the frame looks good. Tim will talk to "M" tomorrow and see what can be done. We are also going to ask if we can place some insulation batts in the western wall to try to reduce some of the afternoon heat. Hopefully "M" will allow us to go in to do that, and while we are there, we want to install some extra noggins in the bathrooms for towel rails :)

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