Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Action Tonight babe..

We were advised by our SS - "M" that our site scrape was booked in for today - 04/12/08.
Tim and I both had to work late, so it was a mad dash up there in the dark tonight. We were expecting to see lots of mud (we had storms this afternoon), and when we got there we did see lots and lots of mud.. and soggy grass... but none that had been turned over with an excavator :(
In the mail today was a letter from our builder, congratulating us on beginning our construction, and an invoice for the base payment! Since we havent even had site scrape yet, we think this is a bit premature!!
It also mentioned that our Site Manager "B" will be in touch with us prior to excavations.. What the.. or rather Who the..??
So we have no idea now when we will start or who will be running the show..
Lots of rain is expected for Friday through to Monday, so we dont think we will get anything done now until late next week.
That hasn't stopped us crossing 'everything' in the hope that we have a slab for Christmas :)

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