Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More changes... how unusual! lol

We have decided to change the hallway light fittings (there are 3 of these) from this

To this.....

The shade looks pinky/orange in the pic here , but in real life it is white alibaster.. This should match the light we are having in the entrance..

On a sour note.. We were informed yesterday, that since we have gone over our 90 day contract by 2 weeks, our contract will now be reassessed to see if they want to charge us more money.. grr..

Also, Council has stipulated that we need a 45000 litre rain tank as minimum. We only planned on putting in a 32500 litre inground tank, with a 10000 litre poly tank off the shed.. Apparantly this is not good enough.. so we may be up for another $5000 to get another tank.. There are a few options so we will need to look into it more.... including calling the council, as our neighbour has just finished building, and I am pretty sure they only have an inground 32500 litre tank, identical to the one we are installing now... hmmmmm


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