Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Final tile choices... I promise!! lol

Some time back, we had to choose new tiles, mainly because the ones we 'really ' loved were just too expensive to justify... Here are the choices we have now... these ones are 'keepers' as we have now locked them in :)

Ps .. Please excuse our 'very daggy' green/white check tablecloth in the background.. lol (I can guarantee it wont be coming with us to the new home!)


kexkez said...

What a beautiful feature tile. We have very plain tiles in our main bathroom. There certainly weren't any lovely ones like these within the builders range. what a shame as I'd love to have something like that to make the main bathroom look special.

Lot83 said...

Great colour choices Sha. Your kitchen will be almost the same as ours and our bathroom colours are kind of similar. What great taste you've got.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this all come together.