Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bright lights!!!

Today we spent a couple of hours choosing the lights and fans for our new home..
Here is what we chose so far...
For the entrance ... though I am sure we will have all of the lights working ;)
For our WIR..

For the Kitchen..

For the hallways (there will be 3 of these)..

For the loungeroom( x 2), the family/dining room (x 2). The blades for these rooms will be silver. We are also having these fans in the alfresco (x 2), with the black blades. On the bottom of all of these fans will be 3 little spot lights, similiar to the lights in the WIR only not on the long stems.. They look good and will be great to direct light for reading, studying etc..

We looked at the fanaway fans as they are what I originally wanted.. but after seeing them, they wouldnt be right for our house.. The lights are really large. They did seem to put out a fair bit of breeze, though I am not convinced its as much as a normal fan.
We still need to get the fans for the bedrooms, but we did get the spotlights, similiar to the ones mentioned above ( only in white ) that will attach to the basic ceiling fans we can buy cheaper elsewhere. We need bathroom lighting, and outdoor lighting still.. Everywhere else is now decided upon.. yayyy :)

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Allan said...

The light you chose is the same as ours! Have a look at this post of mine: ""

Your water tank is huge!

Good luck with your construction!