Friday, December 5, 2008

rain, rain go away, come again .. in 7 months time..

They attempted site scrape today, but it was sooooo boggy that it looks like the excavator must of bellied out in the mud.. He had to give up.. :( and... we have had more rain tonight.. *bugger!*
Tomorrow we have a friend and his trench digger coming to dig our trench for the electrical cables, and hopefully the local quarry is turning up with some gravel rocks for our driveway (we need to supply all weather access). Hope it dries out a lot over night! but we arent very optimistic..
Does this mean that today is still officially our first day of construction??

Here is a pic of our 'attempted' site scrape.. DH standing in the mud...
(Please excuse quality of pic, as it was taken with phone camera, and it was getting dark)

We have our rain tank turning up on Tuesday, and our electrician is coming out next week to install the power pole on our property, bring the cables in to the house and install our meter box near where the house is going.

Full steam ahead, if only the rain would stay away!


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kexkez said...

glad to see the rain seems to have finally held off. I am really looking forward to watching your place take off. so nice to see someone else building on bigger than a standard suburban land block. Of course I am most envious of your HUGE block. :) Lucky you.