Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more $$$$!!!

"M" called today to say the excavator guy had been back to our block, hoping to cut it again.. nope! still too wet. (not surprisingly)..
He advised us that we need to cut out the driveway and put some shale or roadbase down .. yes on all 85 metres of it!! First thought.. this is gonna cost some big $$$..
We got some quotes from a few businesses (not too bad priced, but they didnt seem confident with what had to be done), so we then called a 'local lad'. He knows our soil type, and says that it will not work by doing what the builder has suggested, as the water will simply push its way through, and we will make a huge mess, once we start cutting. Instead, he said we should not cut it, but just put some crushed sandstone down, mixed with cement powder over the top of the exsiting grass/mud. He seems to know what he is talking about, and we will be going with this method, even though its the most expensive. If the weather stays fine, then he will be on site on Saturday to get that done.. and fingers x'd, we will be able to have the site cut next week!
We had our water tank delivered yesterday. It holds 5000 gallons (22700 litres). So that combined with the one we are having underground off the house (another 32500 litres) should be heaps of water.
DH forgot the camera yesterday, and it was too dark once I got there, so I will get pics on the weekend :)

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The Browns said...

Hi Guys,
Looks like you are at around the same stage as us. Your circumstances are similar too, large family, rain delays, just want to see progress but things seem to move sooo slowly...

Wishing you all the best with the build.

And can you believe I have been saying all along, as soon as we are ready to build the rains will come, and guess what? 1 day of site works and more rain than we hve ever seen before.

Kind regards,
John & Tarin