Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updates to our home...

We bought these day/night roman blinds to go into the bedrooms, office and lounge. They are two blinds in one, and can be worked individually.
The lounge and main bedroom are this gorgeous chocolate colour and the other rooms are a beautiful natural, sandy colour. During the day they have a sheer curtain that allows light to filter in but noone can see in, so you can still get dressed etc in the day without having to pull the main blind down. 
During the night, the heavier blind can be dropped, which stops all morning sunlight (and makes the rooms very dark - great for sleeping in).. These pictures definately don't do them justice, as they are just beautiful in real life, but you get the idea.. :)
here is a close up of the fabric. This is the chocolate one, but the colour is darker than this pic is showing due to the flash.

In the ensuite (shown below), bathroom and toilet, we installed these 50cm timber venetians. I love the smell of the timber (its a change from the smell of paint lol)

We upgraded our dining table to this one.. and of course we had to get the all important plasma, (state of origin is coming up! lol)
Our builder was generous and gave us a big pack of goodies.. there was a bottle of red wine and a few beers in there too... but they had already been 'enjoyed' when this pic was taken. 



baysidehomestead said...

Great photos and thank you very much for sharing your build experience with us and keep those updates coming.

Unfortunately we are still a little way off before we even get to slab stage but looking at your home pics we can't wait (provided we get a green light from the bank).

Again big thank you
Joanne and Jerry

-Sha said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I wish you all the luck with the bank.. I know what they can be like.
How long until you think you will find out?
I would love to follow your build, so if you get the go ahead, please send me your blog address :)