Monday, May 11, 2009


- but we have no internet :( ( I am posting this from works computer shh!!)
Hopefully we will have a little bit of internet to play with this week sometime, from a wireless usb modem, but permanent connection wont be until June~~

We are loving the house :) It is very cosy and homely.
We are in the process of buying and installing blinds for the whole house - For most of the house we went to spotlight (my fav store!) and bought day/night roman blinds. They are two blinds in one.. great idea! The bathrooms and toilet have timber 50cm venetians.. looks very country and modern.. Love them!!
Sorry guys you will have to wait for a while for pics, but I will post as soon as possible.
Missing your all!!
Hope you are all loving your new home, and having a ball!

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John,Tarin and The Kids said...

That is excellent. so happy for you guys
cant wait for pics
The Browns