Friday, June 12, 2009

black accents

We have been adding some black feature items to our home.. What do you think? We think it looks great :) 

Here are our light shades we added to the hallway ( there are 3, but could only get 2 in the pic), and we also bought a smaller version for the study. In the day they look almost plain black, but at night, the light shines through the little cutouts.. as you can see here.. 
we have these fans ready to be put throughout the main areas of the house.. 2 in the lounge, 2 in family/dining area, and 2 in the alfresco. Our BIL is going to do them when he gets back from his month long holiday.. lucky bugga!! 
We made a photo collage on the wall in the hallway.. you can see it as you come out of the kitchen, as shown in the second pic.. I wish now that I had bought two packs of the frames, as they were on sale, and now all sold out.. I will have to wait until they come back into stock and pay full price for the second pack... bugga!
Our poor cars have to live outside at the moment, as our garage is full of boxes and other stuff that needs to live in the shed when we finally get one... 
This is what I came out to this morning... yes! that is ice all over my car.. So much for 'Sunny Queensland'! lol


kexkez said...

Love the shades. very stylish. :)

NikJustNik said...

It's looking great Sha!!! Love the lampshades!!!

Will have to come out soon and have a peak IRL!!!

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

We love the light fittings, they look fanstastic!

Wow, what an icy car, you should feel the cold down here in Yass-vegas, just north of the snowfields. Max 2.5 degrees last Wed, -5 overnight!

John & Taz