Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pool update

We are actually one step ahead than these pics are showing - we have the panels up now as well..
The council came out and gave us the go-ahead to fill with water and backfill, but the fence is only approved as a temporary fence. The gap under the fence is way too high to have passed as permanent fencing. The council wont take into account that we will concrete around the pool which will fill the gap, so we need to get them back once its concreted to get the final approval..
Tomorrow, Tim will put the sand in the bottom and the liner.. and hopefully get the water installed (if we can get the truck out here).. and then our generous neighbour has agreed to backfill it with his machine ( in return Tim will concrete a pad at his house he wants done.. great barter!)
All should be done by christmas.. just!
After christmas will be putting in shade sails, lighting, concrete, landscaping etc.. never ends!!


NikJustNik said...

So....when will the pool party be??? Miss ya gorgeous...we have to try to catch up soon!!

-Sha said...

Hey Nik!
The pool should have water in it on wednesday, just in time for xmas..
You are welcome anytime , you know that!!
What are you doing for new years? Maybe you can come out for a few drinks and a swim... We wont have concrete down etc, so will be a bit muddy around the outside ( will put some bricks or something down temporary) , but still nice and wet and cool on the inside.. lol

I am on holidays from wednesday arvo and go back on the 4th.. so catch up sometime then..