Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our bright idea :/

We recently bought an above ground pool, and thought it would look really nice if we install it in the ground. We could then concrete around it, add water features, lounger chairs, plants, lighting, and voila! we have an inground pool at half the expense..
What we didn't factor in is the amount of earthworks required to actually put it in the ground..
(well Tim might of, but I certainly didn't!). To make matters much worse, we have lots of really hard sandstone..
Anyway.. its all started now, so no turning back.
We have the hole pretty close to finished ( after 2 days of digging, storms, broken hydraulic cables, and broken teeth on the bucket of the machine!!). He is coming back in the morning to finish off the last bit of digging, and clean the site up.. Tim and I are going to install the pool ourselves ( its ok, they gave us a DVD to watch!!! hahaha)
With weather permitting, we should be able to start the pool this weekend. It is 9.14m x 4.58m, hold approx 45 000 litres and has a shallow end of 1.37m and deep end of 1.8m.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga!!



Anonymous said...

hope the pool installation is going well sha! he he

-Sha said...

nah not really.. we have been away for the weekend for our 10th Anniversary, and Tim has been working other weekends.
I still have my fingers x'd that we will get it done by xmas..