Saturday, May 3, 2008

The House Hunt

We have been reworking a plan for the past couple of weeks with Newstart Homes, and have finally come up with a plan we love! The problem is, they have now advised us, that due to a meeting the company has held, they have decided not to build in steel anymore. (probably due to the rising cost of steel lately). We are pretty keen on steel as we have literally millions of termites on our block. We have been told that with T2 treatment on the timber and Kordon treatment to slab, we will be covered, but with only a 25 year warranty, we aren't so sure. We are planning on making this our last move, so will be there alot more than 25 years hopefully! So.. We are now looking at Metricon. I like the Denver plan, though would like to have the bedrooms, and most of the middle section as the Denver33, but upgrade the main bedroom wing, and the kitchen to be like the Denver46. We have an appointment at the Heathwood display at 11am to go through inclusions/exclusions. They have some great package deals on at the moment, that means we are able to upgrade items that otherwise we may not have been able to. (packages include steel upgrade with free colourbond roof, stone benchtops, higher ceilings, plus more).. We shall see how things go today.


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