Friday, May 2, 2008

The beginning....

It all started in, 2006, when some friends of ours bought an established house in Coominya, QLD. (near Wivenhoe Dam). One day, when visiting them, we spotted 2 large blocks of land (10 acres each) for sale. As we had only just started looking for land, we ummed and ahhed for quite a while. Then, one day, we saw a SOLD sign on one of the blocks! That made up our mind (funny that! lol), so we put in an offer for the other block. (Which as it turns out, we think is the better block :) ... With a bit of mucking about (from the seller), we finally settled the land in March, 2007. We have since had the block slashed, stick-raked, mowed (thanks to Tim and Dad!) and generally tidied up. Pics are of the block as it is now.

Now onto the next step... deciding which house to put on it.... ( The hardest part I think!)


Ps. Click on pictures to enlarge. :)

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