Friday, May 21, 2010

Painting our loungeroom..

Hello Everyone, sorry its been so long in between posts.. time gets away from me so easy these days.. Working full time and now studying to get me into a full time Bachelor of Nursing course next year... Not a lot has been happening in the house for the same reasons above, but we are currently in the middle of painting the loungeroom a dark coffee colour. We have been trying to decide whether to paint the whole room or just one feature wall.. but with the other ideas we have for this room, i think painting all of it sounds like the way to go. _ ignore the furniture as its all out of place right now.. and I plan on replacing it with all new stuff.. one day soon I hope!
More pics to come soon..


kexkez said...

what colour? It looks good. so is it brown or grey? The 2 sets of photos have it looking totally different

-Sha said...

Its brown :)
Its called 'Coffee Break' from Taubman's. It does change colour especially at night.. Have a look at the new pics I put up.. during the day its fairly light compared to at night..
I really need to change the furniture in there now though lol