Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I thought it was about time we had a wedding portrait done, since we have just celebrated our 10th year anniversary  lol 
I didn't want the traditional pic where we are sitting there posing.. so I chose this one.. 
We had it printed at Harvey Norman, and I must say the quality is very good.. Here is the finished product..


kexkez said...

I Love that pic. i wish we had something like that amongst our pics.

southies "down under" said...

That is such a cool pic!!! & soooo different. Well chosen.
BTW, was DH actually falling in?? It's so realistic.

-Sha said...

Nah he didn't fall! He is actually holding onto the log and I am not really pushing him, I just had my hand resting on his chest..
Would have been funny (for me) if he fell in though hahaha